Our History

Founder William Westover Smyth purchased the Palomares Canyon winery property in 1986. He decided to plant grape vines on the property to increase the value of the land and earn extra money selling to the local wineries.

The rich soil of Castro Valley and the shade of the trees lining the surrounding hills provided the ideal growing environment for a number of varietals. Eventually the hills produced so many quality grapes Bill decided to keep some and try his hand at making wine.

He founded Westover Winery with the goal of producing high quality small lot wines. Westover received its first alcohol license in 1991, and the tasting room opened in 1994. Current total production is about 1,500 cases a year of small-lot wines, champagnes, dessert wines and ports.

Westover began producing port soon after opening as a way to experiment with leftover Zinfandel grapes. Originally the winery produced Zinfandel, Tawny and Ruby port. Port production has expanded over the years until Westover gained the distinction of producing the largest variety of ports in the United States, offering over 20 varieties at a time. Selections range from delicate, lightly sweet desert wines to rich Tawnies and classic Portuguese-style ports. Those new to drinking port will be sure to find a number of ports to match their developing taste. Port aficionados will become instant fans of the quality and variety of the ports offered on our extensive tasting menu.

Befitting a small family winery, Westover is known for casual, unpretetious atmosphere and warm hospitality. Our friends and visitors are the main inspiration at Westover – some of our most popular offerings are based on customer suggestions and ideas brought to us by family and friends. We only produce wines that we want to drink. You will find quality wines, ports, champagnes and sparklnig wines that are interesting, unique and taste amazing. We invite you to experience Westover for yourself.