The Winery
Making great wines for over 25 years!

Westover Vineyards

Westover began producing its own label in 1994 with the release of its first wines. The Westover label grew out of the winemaker’s experience with other landmark winemakers of the Livermore Valley growing region.

When William Westover Smyth struck out on his own, he decided to only produce varietals that were interesting to him and on which he could put a personal stamp. He began the label as a means to experiment on improving locally grown wines. Eventually the label grew from 8 to 10 cases per year to around 3,000.

Our focus is to produce high quality, small lot wines that appeal to enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Wines produced on the Westover label are like works of art: unique, interesting and appealing to the person who knows what they like.

Palomares Vineyards

The Palomares Vineyards label was developed in 2000 as a companion brand to Westover Vineyards. It began as the label blended and non-vintage wines.

Palomares now serves as the label for unique vintage wines, dessert wines, specialty ports and California sparkling wines. Anyone looking for a wine that’s literally and figuratively off the beaten path should take the amazing journey through the winding roads of Palomares Canyon to experience the original blends of our vineyards.